What is a prayer jar?

I’m told I’m a worrier. I guess I get it from my dad. I tend to worry about things that might happen, could happen and everything in between.

Not long ago, my daughter came home from college for a weekend and wanted to tell me about a speaker she had in one of her classes. The discussion was on managing stress and worries. It went something like this: 98 percent of a person’s worries never even happen, of the remaining 2 percent, less that half does happen, but not to the degree which was worried about. So in the end, of all that negative energy we spend worrying, less than one percent actually becomes reality. And did it really help anything by worrying about it ahead of time? This is where I began my idea of a Prayer Jar.

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“A Prayer Jar is a vessel you dedicate to collecting all your prayers, fears, hopes, and dreams on little slips of papers and giving them to God. In turn, you can free your mind of them, and trust what is meant to happen, will.”

My Prayer Jars are, as always, inspired by the natural world around me. I use earth-toned glazes and our native Mountain Laurel twigs and branches integrated into the lids, along with an accent of copper wire.